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Terms & Conditions

Policy Effective Date: June 2019

By clicking "I agree to the Terms & Conditions", I acknowledge that I understand and will adhere to the below rules and that failure to adhere to any of these rules could result in my employment with Televerde being immediately terminated. For DOC staff if terminated for breaking these rules, I understand Televerde has the obligation to notify DOC of the reason for my termination.


  • Do not share your login information with others;
  • Do not share personal information on the Jive platform;
  • Do not use Mindshare for non-business related matters;
  • Do not abuse your privileges by spending an excessive amount of time on Mindshare;
  • Do not print any material that is not directly job-related;
  • Always communicate in a professional manner;
  • Don't use text talk: LOL, JK, etc;
  • Do not use images. Anywhere.


By continuing beyond this page, I certify that I have read and understand these rules and that I understand the consequences of breaking any of the rules. If you do not understand the rules or process or do not agree to the terms of use, then do not proceed beyond this page.